To You My Child By Amy Axby / by Elisabeth Cooper

To You, My Child

Your beautiful bones

the petals of you

unfolded on the day of your birth

And I am in love 

and I am terrified 

as they place you in my hands—a sacred trust—

because you come with a guarantee 

a guarantee

that you will push me

to the end of my self

to the end of what I am 

and I will fail you

It is a guarantee

and so I ask your forgiveness 

in advance 

I will teach you all I know 

and don’t know 

and I thank you for leading me to the place of 

my lack 

my weakness 

my need 

My child 

You revealed to me 

the throne of my heart 

and it was empty 

and you reminded me

to tear down 

the bloodthirsty idols of my ancestors 

and ask God to sit with me there 

and you reminded me 

to eat bread with him

and drink wine with him 

so that when you reached for me

I had something 

to give. 

By Amy Axby

©Amy Axby 2019