Septembers Dawn Poetry Project by Elisabeth Cooper

September has always been a time of newness for me. It’s the start of a new season. It’s the start of a new academic year. Rosh Hashanah falls in September. It seems to me a better time of cyclical re-evaluation, renewed focus, and intentionality than January ever was. So, for me, September is the new year.

As I have been in prayer about this new year, the Lord has been speaking to me about wisdom. A time of living in and from uncommon wisdom. Uncommon in the sense that a company of people is being called to awake to their access, union, and inheritance in Wisdom (The person, the realm, the living flame), and in doing so, will live from depths of wisdom that are uncommon to the age we live in. There is a clarion call in this hour for burning hearts who live in union with Yahweh to crack open mysteries, beauty, and wisdom such has never been seen on the earth before.

So, in pondering this and more, I decided to do a poetry project/challenge this month. I wanted to challenge myself to awaken myself to deeper depths of union, to lean deeper into wisdom, and to succinctly write one 2-3 line poem each day out of that place that was a complete thought; but that also packed depth, wisdom, beauty, and mystery. I wanted to greet the new year intentionally, thoughtfully, while challenging myself in this short poetic form.

This project will be posted daily to my instagram account @elisabethmcooper and searchable by the hashtag #septembersdawn19 (You can follow that hashtag so you don’t miss any posts. I believe a few of the New Poets of Immortality are also participating, so you will be able to see their work as well) and here on this blog page. Feel free to comment on the posts both here and on instagram.

I hope you enjoy this project. I hope it adds value to you as you take the time this month as we approach a new year to recalibrate, refocus, renew your heart, and reconnect deeper in union.