The Journey Audio Streaming

Welcome to The Journey! Below you will find the monthly installments (released between the 20-25th of each month) available to stream on any device, or download from your laptop or computer. Right now mobile downloads (specifically for apple mobile devices. Others have had success downloading to a mobile device) are not seamless on this platform (we are working on that diligently to improve the download process for you and make it an easy, enjoyable experience) But for now, you can choose to download audio on a non-mobile device, a non iOs mobile device, as well as having the option to stream from any device straight from this page. The link to the PDF notes are below as well. I would encourage to do download the notes, and set aside some undistracted time to enter into this worship experience.

May you encounter the depths of the love of God, may your eyes be opened to new realms of His heart and Kingdom, and may you be ever solidified in your union with Him.

The Journey March 2018 PDF Notes- Provision and Covering

The Journey February 2018 PDF Notes- The Throne Room

The Journey January 2018 PDF Notes- The Banqueting Table

*Notes for MAY’S INSTALLMENT* I love how this session opened up. As it began, all that flowed from me was singing in the Spirit for upwards of 10 minutes. Paul said, “I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you.”, and “For one who speaks in tongues doesn’t speak to men but to God, for no one understands him, but he utters mysteries in the Spirit.” There is something so powerful about speaking and singing in the Spirit. I encourage you to open up and join with me singing in the Spirit as you engage with this session. Some very cool realms opened up during this time and I am so excited for you all to engage with it. I love you all. I pray for you all continually and I would love it if you would message me if you have specific challenges or requests rise in your lives. I care about what is going on in your lives and pray abundant blessing, grace, wisdom, and revelation on you always.

*A note regarding the MARCH 2019 installment: This installment is a little different and special in the sense that I captured a peaceful space of personal worship time in my living room. There is a strong anointing for rest and peace on it, so if you are having trouble sleeping, you may want to play this. It’s a great soaking track as it is even and steady in the space of rest. I hope you enjoy it and it brings you into a place of overwhelming peace and revelation of your place safe in Him.

*A note regarding OCTOBERS installment: There is a lot of instrumental/ambient space in this installment. That was led by the Spirit and purposeful to allow for you to enter into the realms He leads you into and take it all in. I hope that this blesses you. There was such a sweet spirit of the Lord, and healing anointing in the studio while I was recording. I saw visions of the air of heaven being breathed in by individuals and healing bursting forth in their lungs. From there the oxygen of heaven was dispersed throughout entire bodies carrying light and frequency that caused physical healing, emotional healing, and spiritual alignment and revelation. As you worship and engage with the realms of heaven He brings you into, relax, BREATHE, and receive!

*A NOTE REGARDING AUGUSTS INSTALLMENT: I recorded this installment and heavily debated on whether or not to post it and re-record. There are several points where I became so overwhelmed with the kindness of Jesus and His generous heart to us as we pour out our lives on Him. I became emotional and at various points tears were streaming down my face and I couldn't do anything but cry. The depth of my devotion and the depth of His love was so strong. Because there are various vocal breaks throughout and it's not as vocally excellent as I typically like it to be, I didn't want to release it and thought I should re-record for you all. But The Lord reminded me that there were tears with Mary as she broke that Alabaster Box over Jesus and anointed Him. So, I decided to keep this raw version, to stay vulnerable, and to be transparent about this moment of worship. Please excuse the crying vocals in parts. I pray this releases you into new depths of devotion, love, and awareness of His beauty and worthiness. 

A NOTE REGARDING JULYS INSTALLMENT: During the process of creating this installment, I sat to listen to the instrumental track before I recorded the spoken word/scripture/prayer track. I found it so incredibly peaceful and it allowed my mind to settle and focus in a beautiful way. So I decided that I would release the instrumental version to you as a bonus to this month’s session. You will find both sessions below. These are recorded at 432 hz. All my love and blessings on you all! I pray your Summer is rolling along beautifully and your lives are full of the riches of HIs grace poured out on you.