Pioneers By Elisabeth Cooper / by Elisabeth Cooper

Where are the pioneers

With golden strands of destiny

Laced between their lips

Calloused hands

Eyes that see beyond the brush of chaos

In the fire of His gaze they dwell

Becoming the blaze they behold

Fearless feet

Ears that hear beyond the clattering voices

Bellowing their cries of

Distraction, derailment, and deafening doubt

Unbending spines

Minds of steely oneness 

Synchronized with the thoughts of The King

Sword wielding wild spirits of the brave

Battle-tested hearts 

Proven in dark fiery silence

In the roads they built alone

Graced in steadfast resolution

Fiercely forged 

Unmoved in the face of accusation

In the face of misunderstanding

Formed in lonely and wondrous paths of ancient discovery

They stand

Hearts entangled into the rhythm of Him

Taking shape in the sound of many waters

Love stronger than death


The earth has yet to hear the roar

Of the fire branded warriors

The love driven revelators as they sound victory

Get Ready

With voices of silk and hammers 

With hands of skill and art

With hearts of prophecy and fire

They Come

By Elisabeth Cooper

©Elisabeth Cooper 2019