A Creative Gate has Opened by Elisabeth Cooper

I’m interrupting the prophetic worship series because I wanted to share the following word with you all, but hang tight because the next post in the series is almost hot off the press. This word does have a bearing on prophetic worship, though, and creativity of all kinds.

Photo by Seb Janiak

Photo by Seb Janiak

On April 20th I had an experience where I was caught up in a whirlwind of angels and chariots and the Lord told me that a gate had opened in the Spirit. On April 22nd I was caught up again and got more clarification regarding what it meant. Here is what the Lord told me:

“A creative gate has opened in the Spirit. Now is the time to move on ideas. There will be an acceleration and you will find yourself under a waterfall of inspiration and revelation. It will come constant and fresh and fast. It will seem too fast. It will be too fast for some. They will be uncomfortable. They will feel insecure. Do not let that intimidate you.


Move in excellence, but do not wait for what you deem to be perfection. The process of faith filled creation and production as you sit in Wisdom will act as a polishing agent in this hour. Things will look different. It will be fast. It will seem raw. But as you align with Wisdom in the creative process and engage with the angelic ready to assist, you will find that the ideas you implement in business that seem unconventional are the exact solutions needed, the art you create that seems out of your normal skill set will have the image of heaven’s heart all over it, the music you create as you step out from your normal mode of operation and into the grace that is on this season in the creative realm will carry sounds that have never been heard. These sounds, this art, these ideas/solutions, every creative thing that comes out of this place in Him will bring order to chaos in realms of society that will shock and surprise you. Major shift is coming to the systems of the earth as a result of those who will access this new dispensation of creative grace that is now open. “

As I was caught up into this whirlwind of angels and chariots again, and as He was speaking to me about what it meant, He said, “These angels, these chariots are waiting…they are caught in the whirlwind of the open gate waiting for the people of God to enter into this realm of wisdom and creativity. They are waiting to assist. They are waiting to deploy and carry this creativity to the nations and beyond. The entire cosmos is waiting. Come up into the whirlwind of the open gate of creativity and let a fresh baptism of faith and grace fall upon you like fire.”

I would encourage you, those who consider yourselves creatives and those who don’t, lean into His heart and enter into this open realm. This is for everyone in every sphere of society. Creative solutions await. The wisdom of the creativity of heaven awaits.

A Movement of Prophetic Worship that will shift the Church into a New Era Part II: Sound that carries the Government of God and His Justice by Elisabeth Cooper

It’s time for part two!

I’m excited about this post, but I’m also looking forward to unpacking and expounding on some of these themes individually in more depth over the course of the next few months. I’m touching on some subjects here that a portion of a post will not do justice. So, stick with me here as I begin to lay some foundation. I hope that this adds value to your endeavors and helps you. My prayer is that what knowledge and experience I have gained will benefit the church as we build together for His glory. This is a jumping off place for us into these themes. If these subjects I am beginning to talk about help you, make you think, make you curious, etc., I would love to hear from you with feedback and any questions you might have as we venture into these things. 

We are presently in an age and the age is increasingly upon us when the status quo the Western church has built, maintained, and guarded is not, and will not be, sufficient for successfully establishing on earth as it is in heaven (establishing the government of God on the earth). 


If you’ve been around prophetic/charismatic circles for any amount of time, you have, no doubt, heard the term “new sound”. My concern is that while it is becoming a more common phrase, people are getting used to it without diving into what it actually is. What does it mean? Why is it important? A good majority of worship leaders are frustrated because at some point they were passionate about it when they first heard it, but they haven’t apprehended it, and now the phrase is being tossed about more frequently and widespread. Recently, it seems to be in another cycle of popularity. I want to help ease frustration and point to some truth and revelation as best I can with the knowledge and experience I have to offer. I am still in my own pursuit of this after over 17 years because while I have apprehended it to a degree, I have not arrived. There is more. There is so much more. And I am unbelievable stoked to be living in a time when the “new sound” is being poured out on the earth. 

I want to lay some ground-work before we get into the worship and sound portion of the post because I think there are some vital keys to understanding where the Lord is taking us that we need to look at.

When I say government, I am referring to any structure of belief or power that seeks to build itself up in us and around us in order to govern us and, by extension, culture and society. 

There are false governments constantly seeking to frame up and rule in our lives and in the earth. Fear, for example, is a structure of belief that sets itself up in us and around us and seeks to govern the way that we feel, the way that we act, what we believe, how we live, etc. It is a false government, but a government, nonetheless. 

Sickness and disease seek to govern us. 

False government.

Death and decay seek to govern our lives. 

False government. 

Control and manipulation seek to govern.

False government. 

Depression, hopelessness, anxiety, addiction, you name it; these are things that seek to set themselves up as structures of government in our lives and in society and culture. They seek to control and maintain power over us, to dictate the events of our lives and the choices we make, etc. 

They are examples of false governments that must be destroyed and replaced with the government of God in our lives and in society. 

In Him all things are in order, all things move in freedom, all things are governed by love, righteousness, joy, and peace. When we live in the government of God, our entire being comes into order. When our entire being comes into order, the frequency of our lives and words bring that very government into situations around us, relationships, society, and culture. We are carriers of the Government of God as Sons, as the Bride, as co-laborers with Him; seated with Christ in heavenly places. The peace of God is true government. The justice, kindness, love, compassion, holiness, righteousness, gentleness, patience, wisdom, understanding, and counsel of God, etc. are true government. The entire nature of God and His attributes are all facets of true government. 

Now, I want to talk for a minute about justice. I’ve taught a lot on justice over the years, and if you hop over to the teachings and resources tab on my website, there’s a teaching on prophetic worship releasing the justice of God. I encourage you to listen to it because it will fill some blanks that I’m not going to go into on this post. 


My definition of justice: Making the wrong things right and the dark things light. This is the justice of God. His judgments are the means by which this is carried out. The judge makes a proclamation (pronounces a judgment), and justice is served. The justice and judgment of God are interested and invested in removing anything that hinders love. This is justice. The judgment of God on sickness is healing. The judgment of God on darkness is light, etc. This is the government of God. 

I have been saying this for years and I will continue to say it until I see the fullness of it manifested: There is a company of worshipers, poets, songwriters, creatives rising such as the earth has never seen before. They will carry and release sound that governs. They will come into supernatural understanding and wisdom regarding the power of sound. They will have cultivated such union with Jesus that the sound they carry will blast and destroy false governments; framing up life and order all around…bringing order in the the church, in the lives of those around them, in their cities, in their nation, and out to the nations. 

There is coming an exquisite and powerful governmental anointing on worship that will accomplish more than we could ever imagine. There is rising a David company who will wield sound like a weapon, who will bring (in part) a sound such as the earth has never heard. The government of God rests upon His shoulders. He carries it with Him. Psalms 22:3 says, “He inhabits the praises of His people.” That word ‘inhabit’ in hebrew is Yashab, means to sit down specifically as a judge, in ambush. To dwell, remain, settle, abide, marry. The word for praise in this scripture is the Hebrew word for spontaneous praise, prophetic praise. This scripture is not just a nice little opening exhortation for our worship services! It actually means that God, with the government on His shoulders, sits down like a judge to bring justice in the middle of spontaneous and prophetic worship. The function and purpose of prophetic worship is, in part, to host and carry the government of God! The King will sit down in the middle of this new sound like a judge to bring justice, to establish true government. He has committed and covenanted himself to this kind of worship! He is married to it and abides in it. We have not done ourselves any favors by mostly eradicating this type of worship in the western church. And the false governmental structures we have allowed to rule the church are threatened by it because the sound carries the government of God. It will obliterate and drive out those false governments.


Our worship services have become tame and sterile because we have been afraid of the wild sound that comes when worship hits certain places in the prophetic and becomes governmental. When this happens, it doesn’t always look tidy or make sense. There are times in prophetic worship when I hear a certain sound in the Spirit and know I need to duplicate it the best I can in order to let the Lord establish His government on earth as it is in heaven through that specific sound of worship. When that happens, it can sometimes seem hard to connect to. There are no words on the screen. There is sound. There is, perhaps, a proclamation or verbal prophetic word, but not always. We must learn to connect to the Spirit of God in worship again. We must first seek vertical engagement and not lateral engagement. 

As worshipers the world over, we must understand the power of sound to govern. The power on our worship and what it carries; the power on the frequency of our words and on the frequency of our lives; our thoughts and intentions. What we cultivate in our lives, in our hearts, in our minds, serves to establish things on the earth as we live and breathe union with God. Let us apprehend the sound of victory. Let us apprehend the sound of justice. Let us apprehend the sound of Him as we live and move and have our being in Him.

As worship leaders the world over, we must understand it is vital that we lay hold of the realm of the spontaneous and prophetic worship. It is vital that we understand the power of sound (I am going to write a blog and release some teaching to unpack this next), that we learn to cultivate our hearts in the sound of Him, wield that sound wisely and intentionally, and release that sound of heaven on the earth. 


It is vital that we understand the governmental nature of sound. Sound shapes everything we see and don’t see. Everything that is created was created and is held together by sound. He upholds all things by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3). The nature of sound is to create, establish, and sustain. Sound is a governor. And the nature of prophetic and spontaneous worship is to be a container for the sound that the King sits down in the middle of, carrying the government of God on His shoulders and riding in on to bring justice, to establish order, to remove anything that hinders love. 

The implications of carrying a sound that governs are widespread and mind-blowing. We are talking everything from shifting natural government, seeing supernatural growth in agriculture, entering into wisdom and establishing that wisdom on the earth in every sphere of society. Beloved, this is more important to the establishment of the kingdom than we have realized. Worship must become a priority and be honored in the church in every sense of the word. With our time, with our attention, with our words, with the way we frame up services verbally and logistically. If we want the new sound, it must be honored. We must make room for it, both in its infancy and varying levels of more maturity. 

“Springs of Life Key” By Lillis Boyer

“Springs of Life Key” By Lillis Boyer

And as worship leaders we must pursue the depths of it, honoring and cultivation a life of union with Him because where does this governmental sound originate from? Union with God, intimacy and communion, the place of abiding. This is the place we come into agreement with the frequency of His heart in order to release it in the earth. There is no power outside of our union with Him. There is a call for a David company rising that will turn the church and the world upside down and bring order where false governments have ruled. And this company of people will live so deeply in love with Him, so deeply in a life of abiding, and so utterly abandoned to Him that the frequency that is released from their lives will serve to establish the government of God in all its beauty. The new sound of union comes and His government comes with it. It’s time. 

I hope this small beginning look into a few really deep subjects has been helpful. In the next few blogs, I am going to unpack the power of sound. I’m going to go into some really cool science (nerd alert), so get ready, guys…this party’s gonna be crazy! Again, I’d love to hear from you. Send me your questions and comments. If you’d rather not comment publicly on here, feel free to connect with me on fb and send me a message or follow me on instagram @elisabethmcooper and send me a DM.

Are We Willing to do the Actual Work of Being Pro-Life? by Elisabeth Cooper

*I’m taking a small break in the prophetic worship series to post this, but I’m still going to be releasing the second part of that soon!

Are we willing to do the actual work of being pro-life: What does it look like? 

I want to humbly share some thoughts and pose some questions. This piece is by no means a comprehensive article. This subject is vast, but deserves discussion and action. I want to state up front that I admire those who have been obedient to work for years  in front of abortion clinics, loving those who enter, and informing them that there are other options and places for healing and counseling should they find themselves in need of those services. I know some of these people personally. I know their hearts of love and bravery and faithfulness. They have done more than stand in silence. They have actively loved and changed outcomes. I personally want to thank them for standing and speaking and reaching when most of the church would not. We have long reached a crisis point both in legislation and in sheer numbers of abortions and children who have been abandoned, abused, and thrown into the foster care system (these things are related). More is required of us if we want to see change. Again, this is not comprehensive, but some thoughts and questions I believe are vital for us to consider and ask ourselves. It is straight forward and raw. Please consider and ask these questions with me. My prayer is always, “Start with me.” Let’s be a people of “Start with me.”

It’s one thing to say you are pro-life, to share a post a day on social media about being pro-life, and even to vote pro-life. None of these things really take an extraordinary amount of energy or courage. None of these things require very much of us, not really. Not any grit, not any steadfastness, not any sacrifice. They are good things, but they are not the main thing. 

We need a pro-life revolution. We need a pro-life movement that does something. Does something more than post on social media. Does something more than talk.   We need to fall in love with life again to the point that it moves us to manifest what we say we believe. 


We need a movement of life that roots out the spirit of abortion in this nation. A movement like this will require something more of us. Are we willing to do what it takes to get in the trenches and save a life? Not just stand outside a clinic with tape over our mouths and say we stand for life. (Again, I thank those who have been obedient to their call to actively change outcome. And I am not opposed to peaceful demonstrations ESPECIALLY if that is specifically what God has told you to do. You better do it. But I fear we took an idea that worked because someone was specifically shown to do that and made a model out of it instead of getting our specific marching orders.) But are we willing to invest more? Are we willing to take in a pregnant teenage girl who has no support? Are we willing to adopt a child/children that would otherwise be aborted? Are we willing to walk through the difficult things with those who feel they have no other choice but to abort? Are we willing to walk through healing with those who have been absolutely ravaged and haunted by their choice to abort? Are we willing to sacrifice for the cause of life? Are we willing to be pro-life? These are the questions I am asking. Because pro-life, just like love, looks like something. And let us not negate or neglect the necessity and power of strategic prayer and prophecy to break the spiritual back of this spirit in our nation.

We must also realize that standing for life isn’t only fought on the battleground of killing babies. Abortion is a symptom of a greater sickness in our nation. And there are other related issues at hand: child sex trafficking, pornography, racism, to name a few. I am not lessening the blood of innocent babies. I am including in this deep dark sickness, other symptoms that hold hands with the spirit of abortion which we must also take very seriously. We must realize that underneath these issues lies a root that must be addressed both in the spirit and in the natural. Hatred of life, children, and family.

We simply must wake up. 

My prayer is this: Awaken and mobilize your people for true change and healing. Let us fall in love with LIFE again and be willing to fight for it, be willing to sacrifice for it. Teach us what to do. Give us wisdom. Show each and every one of us how to stand for life. Break our hearts for the things that break Yours.

What does it look like for you and I to stand and fight for life? I have mentioned huge things here, serious things. Some are called to do these things. Some have other mandates; engaging on a governmental level, financially supporting those who have established organizations doing good work in this, etc. I am not trying to pigeon hole everyone into one facet of what it looks like to be pro-life. But I am trying to draw attention to the fact that we have mostly not considered what it may require. If we say we are pro-life, we must be pro-life. We must rise higher. We must answer the call in whatever form it takes. What I want for these questions and thoughts to spur in us is the fire and desire to really ask, “What is my part in truly standing for what I say I believe?”

Some questions to pray about:

What does pro-life look like in my life?

What are my most effective tools as I stand for life? 

What tools are ineffective and taking up space, time, and energy without impact? 

What creative wisdom for solution am I called seek and establish? 


Again, pro-life looks like something. And it must begin to take on a face beyond the one it has now. 

*I want to add that there are incredible people and organizations doing amazing work. There are pregnancy centers providing actual health care and alternative options for women. Find them in your state and consider sowing financial support. It’s time we put our money where our mouth is. Offer your skills and help if that is what you are meant to be doing. There are also churches (one that I know and am connected with personally) certifying for foster care, taking in so many hurting kids that have been abandoned/discarded/abused, and completely BREAKING the power of the spirit of abortion that sought to cut off life and destiny. The spirit of abortion seeks to cut life and destiny off from more than just babies. We need to recognize just how deep it runs in our land. Let’s find and support these churches and families. Let’s ask what we can do. Let’s wake up and have a life revolution.

A movement of prophetic worship that will shift the church into a new era, Part One:  by Elisabeth Cooper

Those of you who have sat in a worship set that I’ve led know that I approach things a little differently. The Lord has laid it on my heart to talk about an emerging prophetic worship movement, some of the challenges I have seen and experienced, some of the keys He has shown me, and the hope that I have for the church to shift into a glorious age. This will be the first installment in a series. 

There is a coming movement of prophetic worship that will build on past movements, but will carry such a unique sound, such a unique approach, such a power and authority that the Lord is going to use it to shift the church into a new era, and by extension change the world. As the church goes, so goes the world. The movement of prophetic worship that will emerge will carry an unprecedented sound causing unprecedented impact.  This worship will be untamed, organic, completely out of the box, rooted in the power of love, carry with it the flames of union and communion, and be steeped in truth, knowledge, and understanding. It will carry with it the very power of His heart poured out in the earth. It will shake us out of our habitual responses in worship and into real time encounters with God. It will sound like heaven. It will carry His heart. It will carry the fire, thunder, and wine of communion. And God is going to use it to usher in the Third Great Awakening. 


There is a new breed of worship leader rising. They want more than a song-list, they will carry more than a few good hallelujah’s. They are fierce. They are called to be powerful prophetic voices. They carry wisdom and understanding in their words for the church. They move in the miraculous. They make room for the King to sing. Their aim is union. They cultivate an atmosphere for accessing the realms of heaven. They are more than a warm up act.   

The question is, will it be allowed in the church? 

I have spent many years of my life keeping faith that it will be.  

There are already churches that are hungry, open, and willing to give it space. They are hungry and seeking more, and they are courageous enough to make room for something new. I am so encouraged by this. It has become a spring in the desert for me as a forerunner. It feeds the hope that has continued to burn in me for 17 years.

We are so attached to the structure of worship we feel comfortable with in the western church. I have been pioneering a new sound and approach to worship for 17 years. In those 17 years I have experienced continual heartbreak and continual joy. It’s amazing to me how joy and pain can be two walls of the same house. Continual joy because I have seen such glorious glimmers of what is coming and I have seen downright moves of God in worship over the years. 

When worship is allowed to breathe, when it is uncontrolled by outside themes and directives, when the worship and the worship leader are trusted and honored, I have seen such amazing and miraculous things; spontaneous healing, prophetic words that shift regions and lives, salvation, supernatural manifestations, etc. When it is honored, when it is allowed to breathe. 

I have experienced continual heartbreak because of the resistance in the church. The resistance in the church to honor this emerging move and to honor worship the way it should be honored in general. 

Heartbreak because we continually foster a speaker centric culture in our churches and conferences when heaven fosters a worship centric culture. With our language, with the way we market and advertise, with the way we open and set up the meeting, we cultivate a mindset of expectation connected to speakers only. Meetings are typically opened up with something like this, “Get ready, tonight is going to be amazing, we have (Insert name of speaker here) in the house and God is going to do amazing things!” We’ve essentially already skipped over worship to some degree when we do this. By doing this, we have effectively cut off expectation of worship at the pass. I draw a loose comparison to Thanksgiving being constantly overshadowed by Christmas in the retail world. Does Thanksgiving come? Yes, it does. Do we celebrate it? Yes, we do. But We’re already shopping for Christmas, watching Christmas movies, planning for Christmas. The anticipation for Christmas is everywhere!  We have relegated the worship time and the worship leader to a warm up act for the main event. We want our feel good warm up, but we don’t cultivate the expectation of the very things that worship is inherently designed to carry. This is so heartbreaking to me. We are shortchanging ourselves. We want it to be anointed, but we don’t really want it to be different than what we are used to. We want it to sound good, but we don’t really want any exploration or experimentation too much on a Sunday morning…maybe we’ll allow more for a conference, but still…not too much. This is a tragedy. But I believe we are on the brink of true change. I believe we are moving from a platform centric church to a worship and glory centric church. I long to see giftings and callings flowing together in honor to cultivate the Kingdom of heaven on earth.

It’s interesting, I travel both as a worship leader and a speaker (I love and value both), and I get treated differently in each capacity. As a speaker I am treated more as the main event. I am typically, not always, attended to much more closely. Now, please understand that I am talking about a pattern of discrepancy I’ve experienced, but in saying that, I have been in so many places that have honored worship, and me as a worship leader beautifully. Truly wonderful things are happening, and honor is increasing for worship, but it still sadly lags behind. And this breaks my heart for a few reasons. One: because when I look at heaven, I see worship as the central and constant activity. Two: because life flows from honor. And I long to see the fullness of the life of God released in worship as it is intended to be. As a whole in the Western church, we’re missing it. We’ve buried it. We’ve relegated it to the corners of our comfort zone. We’ve tamed it. We’ve boxed it up. 


But it’s time for the wild sound of the worship of heaven to invade the earth! And it doesn’t sound like anything we’ve ever heard before. We’ve heard glimmers. But, when this is let loose, the entire landscape of the church will change. The entire landscape of the world will change. This is a primary key in “On earth as it is in heaven”. But are we willing to sacrifice comfort? Are we willing to sacrifice our song sets? Are we willing to face those who will be uncomfortable, oppose this prophetic expression, and decide to take their tithe somewhere with two fast songs and one slow one packaged neatly in 20 minutes? 

There are so many aspects of this that need to become a discussion for the church. One being, the people are hungry for more. Virtually everywhere I go I have far more than a few people approach me and tell me that they’ve been waiting for this kind of freedom in worship. Some say they’ve been waiting, that they still aren’t sure completely what to do with it, but that they are so hungry and want to delve deeper. 

Another aspect that needs to be discussed is that the church has done the worship leader a great disservice by relegating them to space and position we have. We have not expected them to develop their gifting in prophetic worship, so, for the most part, they haven’t. They have become what has been expected of them. They have stayed at the level they have been allowed to operate. They have delivered what is expected and permitted of them; what fits in the plan. They have become mostly a warm up act…because we wouldn’t let them be anything else. So we now have the beginnings of great struggle as hunger begins to stir. Struggle because the worship leaders are hearing the call to go deeper and get out of the box. Struggle because leaders don’t want the mess of a new emerging movement on the platform. Struggle because a new breed of worship leaders are beginning to understand they are called to much more than a song-set warm up for the speaker. We are quickly approaching a crossroad where this is concerned. The forerunners have been bumping up against this for years, but the number of those who are beginning to hunger, grow, and reach are rapidly rising. What are we going to do about this? They need to be released and freed and called up to the level of maturity necessary to walk in their destiny and release what they are called to release in the earth.


In order to get somewhere we’ve never been, we’ve got to go somewhere we’ve never gone. In order to build something that’s never been built, we have do things that have never been done. In order to pioneer something new, we must understand that it’s a process and won’t come blazing out all shiny and ready to roll. It needs to be allowed to grow. It needs to be allowed to breathe. And we need to get a little more ok with being uncomfortable in order to move forward. David didn’t show up on the battlefield with the latest technology of bronze armor, he didn’t even show up with a conventional weapon. He showed up with five stones. Organic. Raw. Tested in the wilderness. Effective. There will be awkward moments. Everyone won’t be into it at first. People will be uncomfortable. And we need to get over it; pull on grace to move forward into the depths of Kingdom change and awakening. As I recall, Jesus had some new methods that made people real uncomfortable. As I recall, He didn’t let it stop Him. 

Despite years of struggle, heartbreak, and swimming upstream, I am encouraged and filled with hope; especially in the last few years, because I am beginning to see the physical manifestation of a movement I have seen in the Spirit for so many years. I am seeing a hunger rise up in the church, in worship leaders, and in leadership in general. I’m seeing courage rising to break the mold, the beginnings of true honor for worship is starting to spring forth in the heart of the church, and glimpses of a new era are breaking through. 


But revolution costs something. It might cost us our longstanding structure and comfort. Are we willing? I have so much hope and faith in the church that we will move with Him, casting aside every hinderance of habit, old wineskin, and preference in order to enter into unprecedented glory in worship. I have faith we can work together, honor each other, and see the fullness of a Third Great Awakening.


Next in this series: A movement of prophetic worship that will shift the church into a new era, Part 2: How do we say “Yes”? 

Who's Surrounds You? by Elisabeth Cooper

I have heard it said, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” I continue to learn the depths of this truth as the years go by. Here’s a small glimpse into one of many facets of this truth:

I have learned, far too painfully at times, that a lot of the time, people are fickle. They are easily swayed by words on the wind regardless of truth. 

Your job is to, firstly, not be one of those people. Be honorable. Be wise and discerning. Be loyal. Be true. Be trustworthy. 

Secondly, do not be moved by them. 

Surround yourself with those who are wise, who tell you the truth, who are for you. There’s safety there. If you do this, you can rest easy knowing that the opinions of the fickle can fall by the wayside as you continue on in strength of purpose and grace. People will fall away and people will fail you. But some are true. Choose your friends wisely. 

Remember, iron sharpens iron. And those who walk with the wise will be wise. Lift your head from the scattered and shifting opinions of those who do not posses the strength of character or wisdom to stand with you in true, loyal, healthy relationship. Few will. But those who will are gold. Set your ears apart for the voice of One, for those who agree and speak the words of that voice over your life, and let the other voices fall away. 

You are loved. You are championed. You are worth loyalty and faithfulness. Hold that standard as you choose who surrounds your life. 
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Lessons in Identity by Elisabeth Cooper

The correlation between wrongly placed identity/lack of identity, and the political spirit/enticing spirit is undeniable. 


When our identity isn’t firmly rooted in “I am already successful regardless of my platform, the esteem of man, etc. because I’m in love with God and God is in love with me, we are susceptible to a man pleasing spirit. We are susceptible to clamoring for position, making “trades” with those who could get us a larger platform or more influence. We make political decisions. And we find ourselves no longer operating under the government of the King. We must first know, like David, “I am confident in love regardless of my platform.” 

David was confident because his identity and measure of success was already established outside of his military success, his kingly success, etc. He knew he was a success because he was rooted and grounded in love. He did not clamor for kingship. He did not make political moves to usurp the throne in the face of Saul’s obvious compromise and horrible leadership. David knew the word of the Lord over his life. He was confident in his identity, success, and the timing and process of God. 

We must address the deep soul wound of the absence of proper identity or we will end up operating under a political spirit instead of the kingdom government we were created for.

Leadership Nugget... by Elisabeth Cooper


Being a good leader does not mean you always have the answer. Being a good leader means you have the character to stand in a situation without an answer while remaining humble, teachable, and honorable; with the truth secured like an anchor in the heart, and with the wisdom to seek The Answer.

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We’ve Got a Problem… by Elisabeth Cooper


Let me begin by saying, this is not a typical blog post for me, but I have been tumbling this subject around for years due to its ever present nature in the church and my life. I have seen, and experienced first hand, this spirit and all its cohorts at work to destroy families, destinies, and kingdom ordained relationships since I was a young girl. I have not spoken about this subject even though it has been a huge part of my life story, and has effected my family and I greatly. I have had reasons to not speak about it. Some of these reasons were valid and right, some of them were fueled by fear. So, while I am taking a very objective tone in order to, hopefully, shed light and help the body of Christ, please know that this is a very vulnerable thing for me to write about. This is by no means, a comprehensive look into this subject, but an overview of some of it’s components.

I’m not going to go into my story (partly because some of it is not exclusively my story to tell. I have a family who owns this story as well, and my heart is to honor their process and protect them. The situations that are exclusively mine to tell will have their proper timing, which may never be public, and that is something we all have to wrestle and make peace with in the painful places of our lives), but suffice it to say, I have seen the devastation of what we are going to talk about several times first hand, and countless times as an observer. And I am standing up today to say, “No More!” No more in the church. No more in our families. No more in any of our relationships. It’s time to mature, Beloved. It’s time to look at the fissures in our own hearts, repent, get healed, and change the landscape of relationship in the kingdom. Let’s take back the power of healthy and pure relationships, rooted and grounded in love. 

“Those who are loved by God, let His love continually pour from you to one another, because God is love. Everyone who loves is fathered by God and experiences an intimate knowledge of Him. The one who does not love has yet to know God, for God is love.” 1 John 4:7-8

In the past several years I have seen such a growing trend of false accusation, lies, misunderstandings and misconceptions in relationships stemming from unhealed wounds and outright agreement with demonic spirits. It seems we have been tolerating an epidemic for years, and we should know better. The righteous tend to stay silent (in the natural) in the midst of these situations, which is not necessarily wrong, and is typically the wisest course of action. (I think this may be an entire subject unto itself, which we can delve into at another time, perhaps.) I have experienced major devastation with this first hand more than once, and countless times over as an observer. 

Let’s look at the nuts and bolts of the beginning, perpetuation, and some practical solution when it comes to dealing with this evilness.

There are a few participants that this spirit needs to complete and perpetuate its destruction:

First, it needs one (or more) hearts who are willing to make a spiritual agreement to initiate an attack, make the accusation(s), agree with the destructive plans of the enemy towards the person, family, relationship, etc. The catalyst for this agreement is typically unaddressed offense, jealousy, deep seated identity issues, etc. And it almost always feels to the person like they are standing for what is right, protecting the church or others in relationship with the target of the attack. This is the great deception of this spirit. It operates in delusion and religiosity, in self promotion and edification of wounds and lies. 

 Second, it needs those who will believe, support, and continue the attack by means of their spiritual agreement. To gain a support system, this lying and pervasive spirit seeks to appeal to the wounded and weak by framing up the appearance of community and appealing to self-righteous tendencies, etc.; often times also playing on un-addressed offenses that may or may not have anything to do with the target. 

Let’s talk about the first group:

Like I said, most of the time the spiritual agreement is made springing from un-addressed, and unhealed issues of the heart. Every single time I have seen this operate, the crack in the door has always been an identity issue. The person doesn’t truly know their worth, value, or unique calling. Most importantly they fail to perceive that they are loved and championed by God who has made enough space for every single person to fulfill their destiny. There is often an unrighteous hunger for platform and position, which can stem from many different motivations; all of which need to be addressed. There is often, but not always, both an orphan spirit and a political spirit operating. This then leads to jealousy (For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing James 3:16). The target is perceived by this person as being more than they could ever be, and having what they will never have, therefore they perceive them as a threat. Most often, in my observation, the target is, indeed, walking in a decent level of freedom and anointing, and is typically operating in the prophetic. This spirit wants to kill the prophetic. (See1 Kings and the story of Jezebel and Elijah. This story is rich with truth, wisdom, and instruction in dealing with this.) This does not mean that the person accusing/presenting a negative case is not anointed and called, but their perceptions are tainted by their wounds which give way to dangerous motivations and spiritual agreements. It is imperative that we allow our hearts to be searched and known by the Spirit of Truth. We’ll talk about this in a minute 

Let’s talk about the second group:

This group is no less responsible, and no less in spiritual agreement with the demonic forces that are operating. These forces present a case for support of the one who feels abused, wronged, or on a “holy” mission to purify the church from the alleged horrible actions or failings of a fellow believer. This can be such a deceptive trap that we can all fall into easily, but we need to grow up, get healed, get wisdom, and rise to lead the Bride of Christ out from under the influence of this evil. 

It breaks my heart that the church seems to be largely unable to deal with personal wounds and unhealed areas in our lives. So we perpetuate these wounds as we project, join the bandwagon of personal attacks, and make agreement with accusations and stories of offense. 

We are so quick to swallow a story of offense, alleged hypocrisy or heresy, and/or the alleged failure or wrongdoing of a fellow believer. Why? We must ask ourselves the question and allow the grace of God to come into our wholehearted turning back to truth and righteousness, and to bolster us up into the place of the shining, brilliant light of Jesus we were born for. 

I think we need a makeover. I think we need a baptism of fire in the love and wisdom of God. I think we need to rise up in purity and victory over the wiles of the enemy who is ever the accuser of the people of God, seeking always to divide and kill relationships, people, and destinies. 

How do we do this? 

What are some practical ways we can “check ourselves before we wreck ourselves”? 

 We should all recognize that none of us are immune. We all have cracks in our armor that can lead to dangerous decisions and agreements, should they go unchecked. We all need to place our lives in the light, fire, oil, and blood of Jesus. We need to be open to the conviction, correction, and healing of God in our lives. We also need to have relationships in our lives who can see into our blind spots and areas in need of healing. We need to value and listen to these people who love us. It may hurt, but faithful are the wounds of a friend, and I would much rather have someone who loves me enough to call me higher, than have a passel of friends who are easily manipulated by me or others. We may not want to look at some of these places in our lives. But we must. We must walk in freedom, focus on Him, and rise to the greatness and beauty He made us for. It is time for the bride to come higher! 

We cannot allow identity issues (or any other issues) to give way to utterly destructive spirits. We must embrace repentance and healing. Repentance is a gift. I have come to love repentance. It rests on my life as an invited friend. The entirety of our lives change every single time we repent. It’s beautiful and necessary. If you haven’t, learn to love repentance. Search it out in the scriptures, invite conviction and repentance into your life as friends who keep, protect, and set your life on the Highway of Holiness. 

“We now repeat His words to you: God is pure light. You will never find even a trace of darkness in Him. If we claim that we share life with Him, but keep walking around in the realm of darkness, we’re fooling ourselves and not living in truth. But if we keep living in the pure light that surrounds Him , we share un unbroken fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, continually cleanses us from all sin.” 

-1 John 1:5-7

Here are a few things that I have put into practice/questions I ask of myself when faced with situations where there is an accusation/attack on character, a possible potential sabotage, basically when I hear a negative report about a fellow believer that I know: We must be careful not to lend judgement towards a person or situation based on someone else’s story, opinion, or possible offense without seeking wisdom and truth. In some cases it may be appropriate and necessary to have a conversation with the other party(s) involved...especially when we are in relationship with all involved. Whether or not we choose to do this, it is our responsibility to nip this toxic evil in the bud. If we are turned against someone even just slightly, in response to someone else's story exclusively, we can be sure we need to do a heart search and correct. We also need to bear in mind that most often the one who talks the loudest in situations like these is likely the voice we should not be listening to. The enemy has a big mouth. 

When I jump to quickly believe one side of a story about a person or situation, draw boundary lines in relationship based on that story; heaven forbid, I perpetuate the story/accusations as truth to others, this tells me something about where my heart is at. This tells me I likely have unaddressed offense from some past wound lodged somewhere in my broken heart. This tells me I may have a need to be needed and will fall into line with anything a person in crisis may present to me. Above all, this tells me I am not walking in the Spirit of Wisdom or Love. 

People say and believe all sorts of garbage about others. But we don’t have to be those people. We shouldn’t be those people. The kingdom of heaven doesn’t operate that way, and neither should we. 

I urge you, beloved, keep your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life (Proverbs 4:23). Life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Let’s get our hearts in the continual flow of the blood of Jesus that purifies and heals, that speaks a better word, that protects and preserves our lives from evil which seeks to set up camp in our lives and in the body of Christ at large. Love and purity are a better way. We hold the power to change this evil trend and stronghold in the church. We have choices to make. 

I write this full of love. Love for the church. I write this with great hope that we can make right choices and see incredible health and change come to the body of Christ. I believe in the pure and spotless bride.

I pray this has helped to begin to shed light on this subject for some. There are many subjects within this that I think are important to address, and I may write further on this in the future but for now I will leave you with a prayer that I pray over my life and that we can pray together as we move forward:


I pray that I would always be submitted to the Love of God, that my life would pour love and wisdom straight from His heart, and that I would not look to the right or the left away from His heart of holiness. In all things, I would keep communion with Him, constantly turning towards His healing, wholeness, and heart for me and for others.

This is an invitation to revolution. Let’s be a holy revolution in the church. Let’s be a holy revolution in the earth. Are you going to join?