A Movement of Prophetic Worship that will shift the Church into a New Era Part II: Sound that carries the Government of God and His Justice / by Elisabeth Cooper

It’s time for part two!

I’m excited about this post, but I’m also looking forward to unpacking and expounding on some of these themes individually in more depth over the course of the next few months. I’m touching on some subjects here that a portion of a post will not do justice. So, stick with me here as I begin to lay some foundation. I hope that this adds value to your endeavors and helps you. My prayer is that what knowledge and experience I have gained will benefit the church as we build together for His glory. This is a jumping off place for us into these themes. If these subjects I am beginning to talk about help you, make you think, make you curious, etc., I would love to hear from you with feedback and any questions you might have as we venture into these things. 

We are presently in an age and the age is increasingly upon us when the status quo the Western church has built, maintained, and guarded is not, and will not be, sufficient for successfully establishing on earth as it is in heaven (establishing the government of God on the earth). 


If you’ve been around prophetic/charismatic circles for any amount of time, you have, no doubt, heard the term “new sound”. My concern is that while it is becoming a more common phrase, people are getting used to it without diving into what it actually is. What does it mean? Why is it important? A good majority of worship leaders are frustrated because at some point they were passionate about it when they first heard it, but they haven’t apprehended it, and now the phrase is being tossed about more frequently and widespread. Recently, it seems to be in another cycle of popularity. I want to help ease frustration and point to some truth and revelation as best I can with the knowledge and experience I have to offer. I am still in my own pursuit of this after over 17 years because while I have apprehended it to a degree, I have not arrived. There is more. There is so much more. And I am unbelievable stoked to be living in a time when the “new sound” is being poured out on the earth. 

I want to lay some ground-work before we get into the worship and sound portion of the post because I think there are some vital keys to understanding where the Lord is taking us that we need to look at.

When I say government, I am referring to any structure of belief or power that seeks to build itself up in us and around us in order to govern us and, by extension, culture and society. 

There are false governments constantly seeking to frame up and rule in our lives and in the earth. Fear, for example, is a structure of belief that sets itself up in us and around us and seeks to govern the way that we feel, the way that we act, what we believe, how we live, etc. It is a false government, but a government, nonetheless. 

Sickness and disease seek to govern us. 

False government.

Death and decay seek to govern our lives. 

False government. 

Control and manipulation seek to govern.

False government. 

Depression, hopelessness, anxiety, addiction, you name it; these are things that seek to set themselves up as structures of government in our lives and in society and culture. They seek to control and maintain power over us, to dictate the events of our lives and the choices we make, etc. 

They are examples of false governments that must be destroyed and replaced with the government of God in our lives and in society. 

In Him all things are in order, all things move in freedom, all things are governed by love, righteousness, joy, and peace. When we live in the government of God, our entire being comes into order. When our entire being comes into order, the frequency of our lives and words bring that very government into situations around us, relationships, society, and culture. We are carriers of the Government of God as Sons, as the Bride, as co-laborers with Him; seated with Christ in heavenly places. The peace of God is true government. The justice, kindness, love, compassion, holiness, righteousness, gentleness, patience, wisdom, understanding, and counsel of God, etc. are true government. The entire nature of God and His attributes are all facets of true government. 

Now, I want to talk for a minute about justice. I’ve taught a lot on justice over the years, and if you hop over to the teachings and resources tab on my website, there’s a teaching on prophetic worship releasing the justice of God. I encourage you to listen to it because it will fill some blanks that I’m not going to go into on this post. 


My definition of justice: Making the wrong things right and the dark things light. This is the justice of God. His judgments are the means by which this is carried out. The judge makes a proclamation (pronounces a judgment), and justice is served. The justice and judgment of God are interested and invested in removing anything that hinders love. This is justice. The judgment of God on sickness is healing. The judgment of God on darkness is light, etc. This is the government of God. 

I have been saying this for years and I will continue to say it until I see the fullness of it manifested: There is a company of worshipers, poets, songwriters, creatives rising such as the earth has never seen before. They will carry and release sound that governs. They will come into supernatural understanding and wisdom regarding the power of sound. They will have cultivated such union with Jesus that the sound they carry will blast and destroy false governments; framing up life and order all around…bringing order in the the church, in the lives of those around them, in their cities, in their nation, and out to the nations. 

There is coming an exquisite and powerful governmental anointing on worship that will accomplish more than we could ever imagine. There is rising a David company who will wield sound like a weapon, who will bring (in part) a sound such as the earth has never heard. The government of God rests upon His shoulders. He carries it with Him. Psalms 22:3 says, “He inhabits the praises of His people.” That word ‘inhabit’ in hebrew is Yashab, means to sit down specifically as a judge, in ambush. To dwell, remain, settle, abide, marry. The word for praise in this scripture is the Hebrew word for spontaneous praise, prophetic praise. This scripture is not just a nice little opening exhortation for our worship services! It actually means that God, with the government on His shoulders, sits down like a judge to bring justice in the middle of spontaneous and prophetic worship. The function and purpose of prophetic worship is, in part, to host and carry the government of God! The King will sit down in the middle of this new sound like a judge to bring justice, to establish true government. He has committed and covenanted himself to this kind of worship! He is married to it and abides in it. We have not done ourselves any favors by mostly eradicating this type of worship in the western church. And the false governmental structures we have allowed to rule the church are threatened by it because the sound carries the government of God. It will obliterate and drive out those false governments.


Our worship services have become tame and sterile because we have been afraid of the wild sound that comes when worship hits certain places in the prophetic and becomes governmental. When this happens, it doesn’t always look tidy or make sense. There are times in prophetic worship when I hear a certain sound in the Spirit and know I need to duplicate it the best I can in order to let the Lord establish His government on earth as it is in heaven through that specific sound of worship. When that happens, it can sometimes seem hard to connect to. There are no words on the screen. There is sound. There is, perhaps, a proclamation or verbal prophetic word, but not always. We must learn to connect to the Spirit of God in worship again. We must first seek vertical engagement and not lateral engagement. 

As worshipers the world over, we must understand the power of sound to govern. The power on our worship and what it carries; the power on the frequency of our words and on the frequency of our lives; our thoughts and intentions. What we cultivate in our lives, in our hearts, in our minds, serves to establish things on the earth as we live and breathe union with God. Let us apprehend the sound of victory. Let us apprehend the sound of justice. Let us apprehend the sound of Him as we live and move and have our being in Him.

As worship leaders the world over, we must understand it is vital that we lay hold of the realm of the spontaneous and prophetic worship. It is vital that we understand the power of sound (I am going to write a blog and release some teaching to unpack this next), that we learn to cultivate our hearts in the sound of Him, wield that sound wisely and intentionally, and release that sound of heaven on the earth. 


It is vital that we understand the governmental nature of sound. Sound shapes everything we see and don’t see. Everything that is created was created and is held together by sound. He upholds all things by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3). The nature of sound is to create, establish, and sustain. Sound is a governor. And the nature of prophetic and spontaneous worship is to be a container for the sound that the King sits down in the middle of, carrying the government of God on His shoulders and riding in on to bring justice, to establish order, to remove anything that hinders love. 

The implications of carrying a sound that governs are widespread and mind-blowing. We are talking everything from shifting natural government, seeing supernatural growth in agriculture, entering into wisdom and establishing that wisdom on the earth in every sphere of society. Beloved, this is more important to the establishment of the kingdom than we have realized. Worship must become a priority and be honored in the church in every sense of the word. With our time, with our attention, with our words, with the way we frame up services verbally and logistically. If we want the new sound, it must be honored. We must make room for it, both in its infancy and varying levels of more maturity. 

“Springs of Life Key” By Lillis Boyer

“Springs of Life Key” By Lillis Boyer

And as worship leaders we must pursue the depths of it, honoring and cultivation a life of union with Him because where does this governmental sound originate from? Union with God, intimacy and communion, the place of abiding. This is the place we come into agreement with the frequency of His heart in order to release it in the earth. There is no power outside of our union with Him. There is a call for a David company rising that will turn the church and the world upside down and bring order where false governments have ruled. And this company of people will live so deeply in love with Him, so deeply in a life of abiding, and so utterly abandoned to Him that the frequency that is released from their lives will serve to establish the government of God in all its beauty. The new sound of union comes and His government comes with it. It’s time. 

I hope this small beginning look into a few really deep subjects has been helpful. In the next few blogs, I am going to unpack the power of sound. I’m going to go into some really cool science (nerd alert), so get ready, guys…this party’s gonna be crazy! Again, I’d love to hear from you. Send me your questions and comments. If you’d rather not comment publicly on here, feel free to connect with me on fb and send me a message or follow me on instagram @elisabethmcooper and send me a DM.