A Creative Gate has Opened / by Elisabeth Cooper

I’m interrupting the prophetic worship series because I wanted to share the following word with you all, but hang tight because the next post in the series is almost hot off the press. This word does have a bearing on prophetic worship, though, and creativity of all kinds.

Photo by Seb Janiak

Photo by Seb Janiak

On April 20th I had an experience where I was caught up in a whirlwind of angels and chariots and the Lord told me that a gate had opened in the Spirit. On April 22nd I was caught up again and got more clarification regarding what it meant. Here is what the Lord told me:

“A creative gate has opened in the Spirit. Now is the time to move on ideas. There will be an acceleration and you will find yourself under a waterfall of inspiration and revelation. It will come constant and fresh and fast. It will seem too fast. It will be too fast for some. They will be uncomfortable. They will feel insecure. Do not let that intimidate you.


Move in excellence, but do not wait for what you deem to be perfection. The process of faith filled creation and production as you sit in Wisdom will act as a polishing agent in this hour. Things will look different. It will be fast. It will seem raw. But as you align with Wisdom in the creative process and engage with the angelic ready to assist, you will find that the ideas you implement in business that seem unconventional are the exact solutions needed, the art you create that seems out of your normal skill set will have the image of heaven’s heart all over it, the music you create as you step out from your normal mode of operation and into the grace that is on this season in the creative realm will carry sounds that have never been heard. These sounds, this art, these ideas/solutions, every creative thing that comes out of this place in Him will bring order to chaos in realms of society that will shock and surprise you. Major shift is coming to the systems of the earth as a result of those who will access this new dispensation of creative grace that is now open. “

As I was caught up into this whirlwind of angels and chariots again, and as He was speaking to me about what it meant, He said, “These angels, these chariots are waiting…they are caught in the whirlwind of the open gate waiting for the people of God to enter into this realm of wisdom and creativity. They are waiting to assist. They are waiting to deploy and carry this creativity to the nations and beyond. The entire cosmos is waiting. Come up into the whirlwind of the open gate of creativity and let a fresh baptism of faith and grace fall upon you like fire.”

I would encourage you, those who consider yourselves creatives and those who don’t, lean into His heart and enter into this open realm. This is for everyone in every sphere of society. Creative solutions await. The wisdom of the creativity of heaven awaits.