Poet Prophets / by Elisabeth Cooper

Poet Prophets

There’s a new breed of prophet rising in the earth. And they look like poets. 

They look like writers and storytellers and musicians.

They look like creatives releasing the mysteries of God’s heart in the earth.

These poet prophets will cause cultural, economic, and political shift in the nations. 

They will speak, they will sing, they will write and landscapes will transform into Kingdom landscape, strongholds will break, land and people will be healed, restoration and revelation will abound.

We have been used to a certain style of prophet in the earth in numerous recent years, so there is a tendency to look only for that and, therefore, recognize only that. But I am telling you that we need to begin to let heaven open our eyes to the prophetic movement that is currently bubbling up in the earth. Don’t miss the forest for the trees, beloved. Ask for eyes to see the fresh breath of the prophetic being released through vessels you have written off as only the artists who compliment the main act. 

The Lord has been speaking to me about this for years, but even more so this year, and intensely these past several months. 


I want to share just a portion of what He has spoken to me, “Watch and see that I will pour fire and revelation out of the poets of my heart that will change nations! I will rise in the grassroots places you do not expect. My voice will thunder through their music, through their writing, through their spoken word, bringing Kingdom order and justice to regions and lives. And the church will hear and observe what I am doing with my Bride in the earth and they will leave their old ways behind, pick up my ways, and rise to build My kingdom in the earth. The voices of the poet prophets will shine light on kingdom revolution and you will see the dawning of a new era as you receive this expression of my heart in the earth and engage with the prophetic anointing on it. Do not only look where you’ve always looked. Do not only hear from the sounding stations in the earth you have tuned your ears to. For I am raising up voices, poets crying in the wilderness, ‘Make way for Revolution! Make way for deeper expressions of the kingdom than you have sought for fear of ruining your own plans and purpose. This is the time, this is the hour, this is the time for revelation power.’ Get ready for sweeping wind in the church riding in on the voices of the burning hearted poet prophets I am releasing in the earth! Get ready for revolution! Get ready for the unveiling of mystery and beauty in their words” 

Let’s look higher to Him, beloved. Let’s tune our ear to Him and to all those He is releasing to speak His heart through in the earth. Let’s be the one’s who live in union with Him and release His heart in the earth. Let’s be about the Father’s business. The poet prophets are rising.

So I want to encourage and call forth the poets, the artists, the creatives. It’s time to dig deep, to let your full identity come to fruition, hone your craft and sharpen your skills. Rise up and take your place!