My Grandpa and the Seeds We Sow / by Elisabeth Cooper

This is a special post on the New Poets of Immortality today. 

As we forge into a new and ancient future shaped by the power and beauty of words breathed by the Spirit, let us not forget that there were, indeed, pioneers who went before us; who cast the seeds of hidden revelation in their time. They gave us glimmers of our future. And now we, both, stop to honor, and continue blazing on in the wonders yet revealed. 

The following poems were taken from a collection of poetry by my Grandpa, John H. Cooper Jr. It was taken from a compilation of His earlier poetry put together on May 3, 1975. He was a true artist and a brilliant mind who gave to me my Irish eyes and contributed greatly to my love for beauty, wisdom, and poetic life.  I loved him dearly and honor him for all he gave to me and all he released into the world. He may not have known that the seeds of his words sown into the earth would serve to help propel a new company of poets in the earth to release the beauty and mysteries of God for a new era.


By John H. Cooper Jr.


The Brilliance

Of living

Is in the reflections

From the many sequins

Of little celebrations

The color

Of living

Is in the explosion

Of multi-hued mushrooms

In the wall to wall

Lawn of people


Commonplace things

Are seen-


Seen as things

With which to be


Not because they are,

But because they are

The things of God—


Seen as things

With which we


Not because they are,

But because they are

The essence of love—



Turning a day

Into an eternity

Of living


By John H. Cooper Jr.

Look inward,


And perceive the wonders

That your very being houses.

Within you lies

A universe of inner space,

Ignored, and

Little realized.

The organism

Which dwells within a single pore

Can no more

Comprehend its host

Than you, oh man,

Can soar

With thought

To find

The nature of the one

Within whom

You move, and

Have your being.