My Name is Ruth (Part 2) by James Welch / by Elisabeth Cooper

Traveling from earth to sky

Like Jacob you are a ladder

Linked to the sea of glass

Where angels gather

To see what will come to pass

They ascend and descend

On the sound of your heart

You’re the gates of your soul going up

And your spirit coming down

Revelation pouring in

And the kingdom being spread around 

The core of you is sealed in hope

Beauty reflecting from side to side

Your gate goes ever higher

Lift your head and keep your heart open wide

Grace and joyous strength flows

Within a righteous tide 

Bountiful justice and mercy

Guiding the course of every stride

Now behold the determined harvesters

Who burn and smell like praise

Their eyes are lit with love and they move

In supernatural ways

I am Ruth 

I stand in the frame 

Go beyond the door

Into the sound of His name