Zion By Elisabeth Cooper / by Elisabeth Cooper

We carved our hearts

In the mountain sound

And the sound of the mountain

Carved its heart in us

Imprinted with the words 

of thundering drums

Surrounded by light

of dancing strings


Voices of bells 

Announcing freedom 

The air is alive with music

The colors are alive with Wisdom

Zion has a hold on me

The music of this city is home to me

I’m caught in patterns of the mountains light

Finding lost memories 

Of before

My before

In folds and crevices 

Valleys and peaks

I have come to find 

Where I was born

In the dream of a King

Washed in wonder and possibility

The hues of Zion 

In the city of my heart


I’m in the city 

And the city is in me

Identity carved 

In waters deep

Deep mountain waters

Sing with fire, wine, and oil

Born in blood and water

In the rhythm of His heartbeat

I remember 

My origin

Zion singing

By Elisabeth Cooper