5 Year Old Poet Prophets (Poem By Sophia Stott) / by Elisabeth Cooper

We need to pay attention to children. We need to recognize emerging prophetic voices in the next generations; value their wisdom, whimsy, and depth.

Recently a friend and pastor, Darren Stott, shared with me these words that he began to write as his 5 year old Daughter, Sophia was talking. Sophia talks constantly (and she is brilliant and hilarious!), but he recognized this went beyond chattering. As I read her words, I immediately recognized the depth and the Spirit of Revelation resting on them. I asked Darren if I could post her “spoken word” on The New Poets of Immortality page because the poet prophets are rising. And some of them are 5 year olds.

Playground is the Earth
Playground for Heaven it’s all white 
It’s cutted in half
Those halves come together and they make a playground

Earth goes on the bottom

Heaven goes on the top
They are combined 

But God controls one.

Sin has control of the other


There is tape that sticks on to something until it gets moved. 

The tape is called The Standard. 

The Earth and Heaven get that special tape to stick together.

If they lose that special tape then they fall apart. 

Different countries have different heavens and different gods and they should choose the right one. 

It hurts, people don’t want to think, but it’s the mind that has to choose. 

Let the mind choose. 

Let’s pretend someone wanted to choose sin but they can’t, do you know why? 

Because of the standard. 

When somebody prays and says that they choose God, God hears them he puts a star on top of the heaven roof. 

By Sophia Stott