The Music of Stillness By Elisabeth Cooper / by Elisabeth Cooper

There is a philosophy of progress

Nothing grows in stillness

We must keep moving

Make things happen

Turn the cogs of the wheels of machines

Sweat and toil and churn

To that I say

Go stand in a forest

Let the purposeful stillness

Seep into your bones

Absorb the life in stillness

The progress of rest

For in the silence

There is music

In the stillness 

There is growth

The mighty trees are about their business

Without sweat

With effortless greatness

As they forge in the stillness

They sing

They live

They grow

They stand

Carpets of moss

Ferns with their swords

Wild hearted blossoms

They sing

They live

They grow

They stand

The forest and the wilderness know

The stillness of the mystics

Enfolded and captured

They rest unto greatness

In stillness running with rivers of music

In stillness wrought with growth and strength

In stillness bursting with banquets of beauty

-Elisabeth Cooper