Lessons in Identity / by Elisabeth Cooper

The correlation between wrongly placed identity/lack of identity, and the political spirit/enticing spirit is undeniable. 


When our identity isn’t firmly rooted in “I am already successful regardless of my platform, the esteem of man, etc. because I’m in love with God and God is in love with me, we are susceptible to a man pleasing spirit. We are susceptible to clamoring for position, making “trades” with those who could get us a larger platform or more influence. We make political decisions. And we find ourselves no longer operating under the government of the King. We must first know, like David, “I am confident in love regardless of my platform.” 

David was confident because his identity and measure of success was already established outside of his military success, his kingly success, etc. He knew he was a success because he was rooted and grounded in love. He did not clamor for kingship. He did not make political moves to usurp the throne in the face of Saul’s obvious compromise and horrible leadership. David knew the word of the Lord over his life. He was confident in his identity, success, and the timing and process of God. 

We must address the deep soul wound of the absence of proper identity or we will end up operating under a political spirit instead of the kingdom government we were created for.