Tune the Earth, Create the Future / by Elisabeth Cooper

Photo by: Aduro Images

Photo by: Aduro Images

Everything we see and do not see is comprised of frequency. At the core of anything, it is made of sound and light. 

There’s a principle in the science of frequency called sympathetic resonance. A good illustration of this principle is: two tuning forks designed to vibrate at approximately the same pitch. If they are within proximity of one another, when one of the tuning forks is struck it produces a sound that spontaneously causes the second tuning fork to produce the same sound as if the second fork was physically struck as well. The sound wave from the first fork actually does strike the second fork, causing the second to resonate responsively to the tune of the first. This sympathetic resonance occurs because both forks contain similar vibrational characteristics, which allows energy transfer from one to the other. When two objects have similar vibrational characteristics that allow them to resonate at the same frequency, they form a resonant system. 

Now let’s consider the fact that we are made in the image of God, therefore we are comprised of, and are capable of “similar vibrational characteristics”. When we abide in Him, we put ourselves in the middle of the sound of everything He is, and our beings are tuned to the frequency of Him, of who He made us to be. As we abide in Him, we resonate with the sound of His heart. We resonate with His voice and His desires for us, for others, for all creation. We become the sound. We become “tuning forks” to bring the earth into the resonant system of Love, Truth, Healing, Justice, Grace, Mercy, The Miraculous, Beauty, The Future. 

In union, in oneness with Him, our capabilities go beyond mere human capabilities. We become Kainos; the unprecedented ones, something like the earth has never seen, heard, felt, known. We become the physical resident resonance of Him in the earth to call all creation to enter into the frequency of Love. 

We need to rise up and tune the earth (and all creation, but we gotta start somewhere). We need to enter into the resonant system we were created to live in and, consequently, create the resonant system on the earth we were created to create! Go deeper, get higher, let’s apprehend the fullness that Jesus has given us in Union with Him. 

We're tomorrow people. Our lives sing the songs of the future to create it. So let’s create it. Let’s create the beauty of His heart in the earth, the worship of all the nations in the earth, the goodness of God in the earth. Let’s become the sound. Let’s go inside the thunder of everything He is and become it. We are the bringers of thunder, but we must enter into oneness with The Thunder in order to become it. 

The sound of Him, the light of Him, the colors of Him; we were created in this image. Let’s get resonating. Let’s get tuned and start tuning.


© Elisabeth Cooper 2017 

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