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Join The Journey into the heart of God and the heavenly realms of the Kingdom through regular installments of spontaneous, prophetic, ascension worship.

"I've been soaking day & night since I downloaded the January session. It's caused an ascension, an increase in my ability to see and sense blessings all around me, embracing immortality and eternity. There's a solidification and alignment with Heaven that comes when you soak in music like this. Elisabeth has an anointing that is uncommon and a tremendous gift.

If you were wondering if you ought to take advantage of this, the answer is a resounding, 'YES. DO IT.' "

-Journey Subscriber, Laurie Hilgers

What is The Journey?

The Journey is a subscription for monthly links to 30-60 minutes of  spontaneous prophetic, ascension worship; Along with study notes/pointers, when applicable.  

My aim is to provide a spiritually immersive experience on a regular basis in order for us to intentionally grow and expand into more of the revelation of His heart and kingdom, to provide more access to out of the box prophetic open it up to everyone, not just those who are able to worship live with us. 

We will delve deep into musical journeys of subjects such as:

-The Seven Spirits of God
-Resurrection power
-The Banqueting Table/Communion
-River of Life
-Quantum Kingdom

...and more

The first installment will be released on Jan 20, 2018. And every month between the 20th and the 25th of each month a new pre-recorded live worship session will be posted. 

If you are: 

-someone who wishes to delve deeper into the heart of God
-someone who would like to learn to see, sense, hear the unseen realm; enter into greater awareness of God’s heart and presence
-someone who would like to transform their life by intentionally engaging with Beauty

You would benefit from and enjoy this.  

*Note-If you are a worship leader looking to expand into spontaneous/prophetic/new sound worship, and would like to sign up for this, I am designing some additional/separate framework just for you, so please note that you are a worship leader when you message me. 

How much does it cost?

Subscription cost is $12 per month for regular subscriptions, $12 for worship leader standard subscription (without mentoring) $15 per month for worship leaders who would like to participate in personal mentoring, access to me for answering questions, etc.

How do I subscribe and pay?

Click the 'Register/Login' button.


Choose your subscription plan.

Enter payment.

You're all set! 

Let’s go deeper!
I look forward to journeying with you all!