Are We Willing to do the Actual Work of Being Pro-Life? / by Elisabeth Cooper

*I’m taking a small break in the prophetic worship series to post this, but I’m still going to be releasing the second part of that soon!

Are we willing to do the actual work of being pro-life: What does it look like? 

I want to humbly share some thoughts and pose some questions. This piece is by no means a comprehensive article. This subject is vast, but deserves discussion and action. I want to state up front that I admire those who have been obedient to work for years  in front of abortion clinics, loving those who enter, and informing them that there are other options and places for healing and counseling should they find themselves in need of those services. I know some of these people personally. I know their hearts of love and bravery and faithfulness. They have done more than stand in silence. They have actively loved and changed outcomes. I personally want to thank them for standing and speaking and reaching when most of the church would not. We have long reached a crisis point both in legislation and in sheer numbers of abortions and children who have been abandoned, abused, and thrown into the foster care system (these things are related). More is required of us if we want to see change. Again, this is not comprehensive, but some thoughts and questions I believe are vital for us to consider and ask ourselves. It is straight forward and raw. Please consider and ask these questions with me. My prayer is always, “Start with me.” Let’s be a people of “Start with me.”

It’s one thing to say you are pro-life, to share a post a day on social media about being pro-life, and even to vote pro-life. None of these things really take an extraordinary amount of energy or courage. None of these things require very much of us, not really. Not any grit, not any steadfastness, not any sacrifice. They are good things, but they are not the main thing. 

We need a pro-life revolution. We need a pro-life movement that does something. Does something more than post on social media. Does something more than talk.   We need to fall in love with life again to the point that it moves us to manifest what we say we believe. 


We need a movement of life that roots out the spirit of abortion in this nation. A movement like this will require something more of us. Are we willing to do what it takes to get in the trenches and save a life? Not just stand outside a clinic with tape over our mouths and say we stand for life. (Again, I thank those who have been obedient to their call to actively change outcome. And I am not opposed to peaceful demonstrations ESPECIALLY if that is specifically what God has told you to do. You better do it. But I fear we took an idea that worked because someone was specifically shown to do that and made a model out of it instead of getting our specific marching orders.) But are we willing to invest more? Are we willing to take in a pregnant teenage girl who has no support? Are we willing to adopt a child/children that would otherwise be aborted? Are we willing to walk through the difficult things with those who feel they have no other choice but to abort? Are we willing to walk through healing with those who have been absolutely ravaged and haunted by their choice to abort? Are we willing to sacrifice for the cause of life? Are we willing to be pro-life? These are the questions I am asking. Because pro-life, just like love, looks like something. And let us not negate or neglect the necessity and power of strategic prayer and prophecy to break the spiritual back of this spirit in our nation.

We must also realize that standing for life isn’t only fought on the battleground of killing babies. Abortion is a symptom of a greater sickness in our nation. And there are other related issues at hand: child sex trafficking, pornography, racism, to name a few. I am not lessening the blood of innocent babies. I am including in this deep dark sickness, other symptoms that hold hands with the spirit of abortion which we must also take very seriously. We must realize that underneath these issues lies a root that must be addressed both in the spirit and in the natural. Hatred of life, children, and family.

We simply must wake up. 

My prayer is this: Awaken and mobilize your people for true change and healing. Let us fall in love with LIFE again and be willing to fight for it, be willing to sacrifice for it. Teach us what to do. Give us wisdom. Show each and every one of us how to stand for life. Break our hearts for the things that break Yours.

What does it look like for you and I to stand and fight for life? I have mentioned huge things here, serious things. Some are called to do these things. Some have other mandates; engaging on a governmental level, financially supporting those who have established organizations doing good work in this, etc. I am not trying to pigeon hole everyone into one facet of what it looks like to be pro-life. But I am trying to draw attention to the fact that we have mostly not considered what it may require. If we say we are pro-life, we must be pro-life. We must rise higher. We must answer the call in whatever form it takes. What I want for these questions and thoughts to spur in us is the fire and desire to really ask, “What is my part in truly standing for what I say I believe?”

Some questions to pray about:

What does pro-life look like in my life?

What are my most effective tools as I stand for life? 

What tools are ineffective and taking up space, time, and energy without impact? 

What creative wisdom for solution am I called seek and establish? 


Again, pro-life looks like something. And it must begin to take on a face beyond the one it has now. 

*I want to add that there are incredible people and organizations doing amazing work. There are pregnancy centers providing actual health care and alternative options for women. Find them in your state and consider sowing financial support. It’s time we put our money where our mouth is. Offer your skills and help if that is what you are meant to be doing. There are also churches (one that I know and am connected with personally) certifying for foster care, taking in so many hurting kids that have been abandoned/discarded/abused, and completely BREAKING the power of the spirit of abortion that sought to cut off life and destiny. The spirit of abortion seeks to cut life and destiny off from more than just babies. We need to recognize just how deep it runs in our land. Let’s find and support these churches and families. Let’s ask what we can do. Let’s wake up and have a life revolution.