There is a movement, a renaissance, a revolution in the arts that is both coming and presently upon us. Art, music, creativity that will shift culture, bring revelation, bring beauty that transforms the earth. The earth is longing for the songwriters, painters, photographers, writers, creative speakers, storytellers, poets, etc. to rise and take their place in society as leaders, forerunners, and world changers. These are a few creatives we are in relationship with who are on the cutting edge of skill, depth, and spiritual leadership in their sphere of influence. They are committed to excellence, growth, and innovation in their craft. 

Rebecca Cooper


Founder and Owner of Aduro Images

Rebecca is an incredibly gifted documentary photographer with a love for beauty and life, and the skill to capture it. Her philosophy is unique and inspiring, and her artistry is stunning. Rebecca is pioneering into the realms of documentary photography for families. Her style is uncommon and carries an elevation of life and love, process and pain, celebration and recollection. For those who want to capture the depth of moments and milestones, for those who desire to add incredible art via photography in their lives and space, check her out at:

Follow her on Instagram @aduroimages

Amy Axby


Amy Axby, author of the Lady the Fearless blog at, is a clear and beautiful voice full of wisdom. Her heart and commitment to truth and family is unwavering. She is passionate about media and the arts, and brings a message of clarity and understanding in these spheres. Amy is a valuable voice, an incredible writer and storyteller, and a brilliant mind.

Dinah Rau


Born and raised in the Seattle area, Dinah Rau is primarily a self taught artist with a passion for unearthing the hidden beauty tucked away amidst painful memories.

In an attempt to emotionally escape an abusive and impoverished upbringing as a child, Dinah would spend hours designing, painting, and creating art. This desire to bring healing through her expressionism has led Dinah to create paintings in acrylic and mixed media emphasizing color, aesthetics, and movement.

By applying poetic and symbolic visage to the realm of the subconscious, she invites the viewer to look deeper into one’s self. Her work appears as dream-like images where fiction and reality meet, and long told stories fuse with the present, creating a reflective inner truth.

“Illustrating the intersection of real and imagined; to tell a story of healing and wholeness; to know that you are not alone.” -Dinah Rau

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